I love my birthday this year

In Bric-a-brac on September 15, 2008 at 4:59 am

Honestly, my birthday this year may seem plain and simple to some people but to me, it gives a particular meaning. You see, ever since we had Ariq, I automatically became number two. Everything would be about him, him, him then me. I never complain whatsoever, why would I, Ariq is our flesh and blood. Then Baraka came along, then again, I moved to the third position. With all the feuds and competition between Ariq and Baraka, my head is sometimes exploding.

The Birthday Card my wife gave me

My mom used to say that second child has a nature of being a trouble-maker (The author is the living sample of this kind of trouble maker). We are glad that Ariq has passed his jealousy period, though not completely. One day Baraka was crying (as always during clothes-changing) when suddenly Ariq approached him, we quickly grabbed his hand because the last time he did that, he poked Raka by the forehead.

It’s strange, to our amazement, he put his hand gently on his brother’s head and said “Sayang..sayang…” That was the turning point.

It’s like having fresh breeze that breaks the barrier between Ariq and Baraka, I thought the competition was over. I was wrong, Baraka is now ruling, he will grab anything his brother holds. He will ignore anything lying about untouched but when this stuff is in Ariq’s hand, there’s no way he’ll let go (my mom was right)

Now, sometimes we see our two children as a perfect combination, when they’re clicked to one another, they will yawn in turns then fall asleep side by side. What a cute couple…I love my sons, I love my loving and caring wife.

In regards to my birthday, I am accustomed to having it like any other day, no special treatments, to me simple hugs and kiss to both cheeks and a forehead from Ratna would be more than enough. At least those few minutes are mine only. Some free time I have after she’s hooked up with the boys all day long.

At the beginning of September 15th, nearing Sahur meals time, as always I was busy in front of my PC, getting things done for the blog when suddenly Ratna woke up preparing my meals. It may seem silly but the fried rice she prepared for me was marvelous. It’s delicious and of course fattening, with sausages, diced beef burgers and some cheese sprinkled, yum..

It’s not just an ordinary plate of fried rice that’s made the taste super, it’s the love, it’s the attention, it’s the special moment she gave me. It’s the temptation that she turned down. She ignored the temptation of our warm bed on the cold night. Thank you honey, thanks for the delicious, high cholesterol and fattening super fried rice.


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