God Has Given Me A Loving and Caring Family

In Family on September 16, 2008 at 2:06 am

The Happy Couple

I met my wife on a junior high reunion, back in 1994. We went to the same school but funny I didn’t know her at that time, maybe it’s because I only spent a year studying at this Junior High before finally moving to another school somewhere in Melawai, I dare not to speak its name since later on we know that it’s built on a disputed land, ha ha, whatta silly fact, or should I say history?

Anyway, I got an invitation for this junior high reunion, the meeting was held in my wife’s housing (I didn’t know that she will be my future wife, remember?) this will be the first encounter with her (soberly) since apparently I had met her before but I wasn’t paying attention at that time (we nearly hit by a truck at Fatmawati crossroads, luckily I was sober enough to avoid being hit, kinda ran over the traffic light. Lol)

As I remember, we did some location scouting for the perfect (cheap?) place to gather, we decided that it was gonna be somewhere in Puncak, West Java. I only went with these people once, I had a life you know..and this scouting was a mess, the car broke down so we had to spend some time waiting for it to be fixed, not to mention the facts that most of my buddies smoked joints along the way, it was a minibus, fully aircond, closed windows, so the smoke circled around, making me a bit dizzy.

In short, the day finally arrived, we went together to Puncak, it was a saturday, we went there separated in three cars, it’s a one night reunion, some dumb ass brought joints and booze, ready to party. The whole place was cramped, too many people in quite a small place, it was damn full, smoke fulfilled the air, beer cans scattered everywhere.

Actually, it was fun, we got to know old friends we used to be close with but as time went by, their faces looked new, we spent some time trying to recognize the faces in front of us. We laughed as we all remembered the school days in mid 80s, the bitter sweet memories, the place we used to hang out, teachers we hated, friends we had crush on and many more. What’s more enlightening was the jokes shared during the get-to-know-who sessions.

I happened to know only a bunch of them since I only spent a year there, so I just mingled with people I know. There was this girl, with gaping front teeth, she seemed cute, couldn’t keep my eyes off her ever since I met back at the reunion meeting. Too bad, I’m not that kinda guy who have the guts to begin a relationship, so starting a first contact is definitely not my stuff Lol…

That night, most of the blokes were gathering by the fire by the yard, it’s near the river, we had to go down through the stairways, across the cassava field. This girl I talked about earlier wanted to join the others but was too gutless to go alone so she asked me to accompany her downstairs.

From then on, we spent more and more quality time, it started by the fire at the reunion then it went to the following days. We went steady as a couple about 2 weeks after and got married 7 years later (whoa, did you say seven, what on earth?)

Our first son was born on October 8th 2002, seven months after Dad passed away, through Muhammad Ariq Azzarel, our first son, we have been through so many tests and temptations, we have cried, we have regretted our moments but in a flash, everything became like a gift from Allah SWT, no matter what happened, we are now glad that everything is in control. We have learnt to accept everything as a grand design from Him, everything has purposes, every incident has morals and every tragedy has a meaning. Now everything seems to bring us closer to The Almighty. His sickness seems like a turning point in our religious life.

Muhammad Ariq Azzarel

After 5 complete years becoming the only one, Ariq had to accept the fact that he’s not the only one, since on February 9th, Baraka Badr Al Din was born, yea the second son is finally on a release officially. Born at Prikasih hospital through Sectio ( there was no opening, just like the first one), weight 3,1 Kgs and length 50 Cms. His birth, somehow also put us at a test since Ratna, my wife, had cysts on her womb so the sectio acted like a blessing in disguise since it showed that the cysts had to be removed before they got bigger.

Then again, I saw this as a sign that Allah SWT used to communicate that not being able to deliver normally is not the end of the world. Had she been able to give birth normally, we wouldn’t have been able to remove the cysts. Allahu Akbar…

The birth of Baraka was like a long-awaited blessing, he was born fine-looking, healthy and active. It’s like fresh rain drops that wash away the dryness, it’s like a new hope being delivered to our lap after what happened to Ariq, alhamdulillah…

Baraka Badr Al-Din

Now the sons have been through some competition days, no more jealousy, Ariq has moved on, no more beating his younger brother’s head, no more ear-yanking but alas! his younger brother now grows into some kind of a funny trouble maker who often tests Ariq’s patience. Whatever Ariq holds, he will cry for it, everything that is in his brother’s possessions, will be taken away. In the end Ariq often expresses his boredom and anger by bumping his head against the wall. That’s his way of saying “Give me attention” or should I say “Oh, Crap!” Lol..

Ariq and Me

I didn’t say that our love for the two sons is imbalanced, we never take sides and we never consider that Raka was born healthy and Ariq wasn’t no not at all, we have never done such a lowlife things. We consider the two sons equal..and insya Allah stays the same forever.

Our Family, The Complete Edition

My, a super mom, enough said, I feel grateful for having such an understanding, caring, loving, forgiving (eh?), patient wife, companion, friend, buddy and whatever else you wanna consider her. I’d give the whole world for her, the so called soul mate of my life. Thank God, thank you for giving me a very loving and caring family to be with..thank you for all the lesson, all the blessings, all the gifts and all the guidances after all this time. Time indeed has given us strength to carry on with our lives patiently, anyway, experience is the best teacher.


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