Never been this pissed-off

In Bric-a-brac on September 16, 2008 at 8:07 pm

The art of being pissed off

God knows how much I hate these 2 days, some pain in the ass, dumb-ass or let’s just be polite, this cock-sucking son of a bitch just can’t do nothing other than being a drag. He’s pushy (might be a pussy as well). He is, ugh..fuck you, you fuckin’ fuck, thanks a lot for making my day! Please don’t continue, my next sentences are definitely NSFW



You, motherfucker is gonna pay. You are one lousy ball-licker. I’m gonna fuck your mother while you watch and cry like little whiny bitch. I’m gonna make you eat your shit, then shit out my shit, then force you to eat this yellow Asian shit which is made up of my shit that I made him eat. Forgive me for this shocking language, I have warned you not to continue so don’t complain or even criticize my language. Have a nice day digesting my curse.


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