The restoration of a 2004 black honda tiger

In Automotive, Photography on September 21, 2008 at 6:15 pm

Back in the late 2005, one of my aunts offered me her son’s Honda Tiger, February 2004 Edition, she wanted to sell it. It was standard all over, with minor scratches on the left side of the headlight, turn light and went all the way to side body until rear turn signal, it was once fell during a ride and bumped on the asphalt. This was somehow a close call, since previously my boss also offered me if I wanted to buy a motorcycle knowing that I live farther than previously. After a long negotiation and some consultations with my fellow workers, I bought the bike, in installments for the price of 11.000.000. It should be finished in a year. It wasn’t a good one in terms of paint work and maintenance, but the odometer showed 8000 KMs travelled. Not bad for a 2004 edition.

I took it for a test ride, it felt okay and comfortable since I previously rode a 63 Congo Vespa and a 2001 Suzuki Satria both are two-stroke engines and this Tiger would be my first masculine bike. The engine ran smooth, the acceleration was also fine in every RPM, both in low speed and high speed. The only complaint was the gear, it was noisy (just found out that day that the gear dimension was the cause of the frictions). I walked around the bike, it looked nice despite its standard condition. Spoke wheels, IRC tyres, custom rear view mirror (only one, the other was broken), Konic megaphone exhaust pipe.

The next morning, I rode it home, along the way, I felt that this was my kind of ride, it’s big, masculine and the racing sensation burst out through the massive exhaust. In short it felt so good and pleasing to hear. The clacking sound of the big piston, the vibration, the shaking, the sound of the tensioner chain, the noisy gear all contributed to this dream ride. I enjoyed every ride of it, every second of it.

Next, I changed the original horn to Hella Twin Tone, it felt awkward that a bike that big had a pair of horn so small that they’re almost inaudible. Now the enjoyment grew much better, big bike (not as big as that American Pride one, though), screaming horn, suddenly I became a public enemy, I honked my way through the traffic, without giving any shit about others (I know it’s wrong, but hey, I’m new anyway).

After that, I purchased my first GIVI top case, it was an E33, monolock. I was very proud of it, damn proud…I felt this sense of pride whenever I rode on it from home to the office. Inside, I stored a jacket, couple of T-shirts, Kanebo Chamois (the ultimate weapon that shines) and my work. I stopped carrying backpack since I had this top case. It looked simple but useful especially during rainy season. This would come in handy since I could keep my rain coat there. This bike had eventually made me broke since I couldn’t remember exactly how much I spent for every cosmetic product I bought to care for it starting from liquid wax, paste wax, tyre shine, shampoo, silicone gel, chrome polish and so on…I was a freak for detailing….

Konic exhaust and E33 Monolock Givi, next to my Congo

I was a customer in this ‘home-made’ steam wash near my house. One day, I saw a nice black Honda Tiger being washed, it looked fantastic. It had an E33 top case, E21 side boxes, engine guards, strobo lights and custom windshield. It also had cast wheels, also black, totally, it looked marvelous and fantastically muscular compared to mine. So I gave the steam attendant my card and asked him to give it to whoever owns the bike. The next day, the owner called, he introduced himself as Stephen Langitan (a funny and cliche way to make new friend) and asked me to join him for a chat in Kedai Halaman. He also told me to drop by at Ampera (previous hangout place) just in case there were still people who waited there, I met this big guy who then escorted me to Kedai Halaman, it was Edison.

That’s how I finally became a member of HTML, through interaction with Stephen then continued with other members via Kopdar, a regular meeting/hangout held every Wednesday in Cilandak Mall parking area. This is a huge-developing organization, a community that keeps recruiting more and more people, a solid one that is because of its growing population, it’s now divided into regions throughout Jakarta. I’m proud to be a HTML member, although not the active ones, I just pop up occasionally when I feel obliged to, time hasn’t been a best friend when you work in a production house.

Within a few months, I replaced the IRC tyres with BT45 Battlax, front and rear for about 950K, still using my spoke wheels but at least the tyres were a lot safer, It had good grips both in wet and dry terrains, Aqua-planning was most likely impossible. I rode it once to Bogor, attending an event held by HTML, it was my first out of town ride. I went there with Stephen Langitan, a member well-known for its safe techniques and handling, he didn’t speed but somehow I missed him several times along the way (what a loser). It was raining on the way home but somehow the new tyres made it safe for me in cornering and riding in a high speed (not that high actually).

The next project was purchasing a bigger top case, the only possible option was exchanging my old E33 with a brand new E45 Givi, monolock. It was last year. I went to BMG, a gallery owned by one of the HTML fellows, Bima ‘Eyang’ Martoyudho who traded my old Givi for 400K, the E45 was 950K, so it was a good deal (in my opinion). It felt a way bigger than the old one (of course man, it’s definitely bigger in capacity).

Afterwards, when a friend of mine offered me a pair of black cast wheels for 700K, I took them, it was a best deal, the rims were all smooth without any dents, just needed a small paint job then they would be as good as new. I felt contented, the look was awesome, it gave a new look with its new alloy wheels. The bike now looked scarier than before. The muscular look was even more obvious. I also replaced the Konic exhaust with its original standard pipe but with a custom modification to make it free-flow to preserve the massive-blasting sound.

A week later, I felt the bike looked a bit strange, it looked muscular but somehow something was not quite right, still felt another adjustment had to be made, after consulting the workshop, the mechanic advised me to repaint various parts of the bike into dull black. These parts were swing arms, footsteps, front shock absorbers, engine and the cast wheels in order to strengthen the dark look. I agreed and it was done in three days. First of all, the desired parts were polished with sandpapers, then they were coated with white paint as a base before totally painted black with additional extra doff liquid. The result was magnificent, I love every detail of it.

The next project would be so hard to achieve, I plan to trade the E45 with E52 Maxia on a wingrack, then mount the E41 Keyless side boxes. Ideally, the wheels are also replaced with 17 inches ones so that the muscular look would be a lot more obvious. I wonder who shall finance these last projects..Lol


E41 Keyless

  1. It’s a really good article, excellent pics, and also nice English words which may be able to bring you in the worldwide coverage. Keep going.. 🙂

  2. Thanks a lot bro, I have learned from the expert, like will you be my sponsor in buying E41 keyless and Wingrack? 🙂

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  4. You seem to have interesting stories to tell for each picture posted. Nice one, dude…

  5. Ooooh jadi ini tho sejarahnya si Thundercat, masih belum lengkap tuh, kapan kisah ganti knalpot konic mejadi knalpot standar di bobok, ama ganti visor nya revo.

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