The Good News Is Finally Coming

In Cerebral Palsy, Family, Medical on October 10, 2008 at 8:36 pm

This evening my wife told me a very enlightening and promising news, Ariq will soon graduate from his physiotherapy class. The therapist said that his hip joints and left knee (once dislocated) have shown improvement even though his ankles are still a bit weak and this is clearly seen whenever he stands up without his AFOs. Back to his improvements above, this may also because of all the therapy sessions he does everyday at home. This is like a blessing for us, the signs that he’ll be able to walk soon are emerging. We have always been patient enough for all these. We have never complained or felt fussy about when he would walk, maybe this is the answer to our prayers.

Soon, Ariq will spend more time in the educational classes, he will be drilled to communicate his thoughts and feelings rather just than whining and pointing aimlessly whenever he wants something. I guess I don’t have to remind you that Ariq suffered from Cerebral Palsy due to the lack of oxygen during the delivery process. I didn’t say that he’s mentally left behind, it’s just that he’s late compared to those of his age.

His being lack of oxygen has triggered some problems in his sense of balance, coordination and motoric skills. At his age, Ariq, born on October 8th 2002, hasn’t been able to walk and communicate his wishes properly, he often expresses his desire by means of pointing and mumbling meaninglessly, although he actually is able to say it whenever we remind him. So far he is able to communicate his basic desire such as “Kakak mau susu”, “Kakak mau keluar”, “Kakak mau makan”, “Mau berenang” or even “Mau jalan” if he is bored. Ariq is also able to express some habitual requests such as “Matiin TV”, “Lampunya Matiin”, “Tutup pintunya” or others like “Tolong bukain” atau “Tolong ambilin”. When it comes to things that he doesn’t know how to express, he would only say “ugh, ugh” while pointing at what he wants.

The therapist decides that soon will only have to attend educational therapies in class. This improvements above, as I mentioned earlier, has been because of the therapies sessions he does daily at home. His therapy sessions usually starts at 7.30 am. First session would be walking with his full gears on. At first, Ariq only walked in front of the house, he just walked back and forth for about an hour or so until one day when on one Sunday, I jokingly asked him to walk around the neighborhood with my wife and second son.

That day, for the first time, he walked around the housing, assisted by our housemaid who did nothing during the walk other than holding his hands whenever he stopped. It’s more or less a precaution in case he’d lean too far ahead and fall. He didn’t care about the blazing sun that day, he enjoyed his session that day more than anything in this world. He was yapping endlessly along the way, checking on every food stall available. From then on, he always wants to go over that direction again, the distance he walks is approximately 2,5 kilometers.

One day, something funny happened, when he had started doing his routine walk, he had stomachache. Being a bit far away from home and our son was too uneasy to walk, our two maids had to carry him home, all the way from the park about a kilometer away. When they got home, the three were sweating heavily because of the heat.

In regards to the decision that our son will focus on the educational therapy, the therapists; however, require us to purchase another therapeutic aid to support his movements. This instrument is called AFO (ankle, foot, orthoses) just like the name of the shoes he’s using now. This AFO, will also support Ariq from waist down, protecting his lower body parts from injuries. Unlike the stiff splints, this AFO is equipped with hinges in knee area, which enable the user to sit and walk easily.

At present, Ariq is crawling or walking with his knees to mobile. During traveling, he will be sitting on a wheel-chair that I bought due to his growth that makes it impossible to use a regular stroller. Ariq is accustomed to stroll around the block twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. On weekends, Ariq is usually does his daily stroll with me, my wife and his younger brother, Raka. It’s gonna be a fun walk for him. His favorite spots will be the lake and one of the houses nearby that has some roosters caged around it.

Here are some pictures taken during one of his routine getaways with the family:

Whenever it is, we would wait for you beloved son, hopefully we all can walk together someday. Be strong, be persistent and be patient. Hang in there, handsome….

  1. Well, being born with CP isn’t bad at all. Like your son, I was also born with it due to lacking of oxygen during mom’s delivery. Thus, I have athetoid/spasticity in my limbs, so I have difficulties in walking, writing, and doing other daily tasks. My quality of life maybe not as good as my friends’s, but I still have wonderful life to live. Thanks to my family for their support and love, I was able to graduated from university with bachelor degree in finance management. Now, I do some accounting works with computer program for my family business. At least, I’ve been useful to others. 🙂

    All you need to do is give a lot of supports to your beloved son, and, I’m sure, he will find a way.

    25 yrs old, with athetoid & spastic CP

  2. I agree with you, Shanty. We shouldn’t let any obstacles hamper us from excelling at whatever we do, just live our life happily and try to be useful and helpful for others. Maybe I don’t need to tell you this since you don’t feel restricted with what you suffer. Please check this link, another proof that a person with CP can still be amazing. Check also all related videos about Dewa.

  3. Your Ariq is better than my Ariq. My Ariq also suffered with CP and his stage was Quadriplegia. He still can’t walk or move well although his age now 3 years old. Myself and husband did the best way to make him well and away from fit. Alhamdulillah, he’s going better now and expecting his new baby. I hope this becoming child will help Ariq in his life. Take a good care of our Ariq. He’s the one that will help us in the end (Akhirat), InsyaAllah.

    Rafidah Ibrahim, 29, Teacher.

  4. Miss Ibrahim, it’s funny that both of our sons are named Ariq and both suffer from Cerebral Palsy. Let me just remind you that it seems Allah SWT has missions for us, Allah has decided that all of us are capable to handle these children, so doing our best for them is a must. Time and patience are the keys to success, Ariq has started his therapies ever since he was still 2 months old, every day we give ourselves motivations and courage.

    We know that treating children with special needs are not easy but it’s not impossible at all. Just believe that Allah SWT shall give us a way out of these, remember that their “lack of something” surely boosts their “other things”. Our Ariq has been gifted, he quickly memorizes songs and short “surah” like An-Naas, Al-Kafiruun, Al-Kautsar and many others as well as some common prayers.

    Be patient and optimistic, there will be a way, we also hope that Baraka, our second son, will be his best friend and also motivation to excel. Wassalam

  5. Eky,
    I’m happy to hear the good news about Ariq. I have to admit, Ariq looks so happy in the pictures and I bet it’s all because of you and Ratna. You both are the perfect parents kids like Ariq should have.

    On a side note, I admire your blogs on subjects like this one, as you do not need to cut and paste from articles you find in the Internet. You need to write more what you have in mind and what you experience that nobody else ever writes about. We can always read the news somewhere else, but your blogs should be about you and you only. Please take it as an encouraging suggestion…:)

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