Now That Obama Is A President

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Lighter sides on Obama’s winning the election:

Barack Obama, The 44th President Of The United States

Mural on the side of the Obama ’08 campaign headquarters in Houston (Alabama and Milam). Based on a design by Shepard Fairey, creator of Obey Giant. Painted by Aerosol Warfare.

His name etched in history as America’s first black president, Barack Obama turned from the jubilation of victory to the sobering challenge of leading a nation worried about economic crisis, two unfinished wars and global uncertainty.

In November 2006, Obama carried …

1. His home state of Illinois.

2. His birth state of Hawaii.

3. The District of Columbia.

In November 2006, Obama got 28 total electoral votes.

In November 2006, John McCain carried 48 states, and rolled up 510 electoral votes.

How far has Barack Obama come in 24 months?

The United States Presidents From Past to Present:

I really don’t have any intention of becoming a racist for what I have posted, just wish to share some funny pictures I found around the web.

  1. Nge grab imagesnya yah.. 🙂

  2. Iya, udah terima foto anggota Beboc terbaru????

  3. ho oh.. langsung di post di milis dan teteb mencantumkan nama dirimu sebagai orang yang ketemu mas osama.. huehehehehe….. 🙂

  4. moga obama bener2 bisa membawa perubahan yg lebih baik buat AS dan Dunia . Amin…

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