Baraka The Wonder Boy

In Family on November 22, 2008 at 6:04 pm

Baraka Badr Al-Din

Baraka, our second son, was born on February 9th 2008. We thanked Allah SWT that he was born healthy and handsome. We didn’t actually plan to have another baby in regards to the fact that our first son, Muhammad Ariq Azzarel was born with cerebral palsy due to lack of oxygen. We fully blamed ourselves for being ignorant during pregnancy, well, not totally ignorant actually. Both of us really paid attention in terms of nutrition, vitamins, medicines and so on. We really followed what the Gynecologist told us. Later on we learned that we’re not supposed to ‘swallow’ any pieces of advice. We should’ve asked for others’ opinions and all those sort of things. More stories about Ariq can be found here.

Going back to what I have mentioned previously about Baraka or Raka in short, the birth process itself had been quite troublesome if I may say. First of all, during her 7th month of pregnancy, Ratna my wife experienced a heavy contraction. It was so serious that her sister took her to Prikasih Hospital where Dr.Taufik, her gynecologist, works. That particular Sunday, I was visiting my aunt, about 10 kilometers away from home so I had no idea about this contraction. It was unfortunate that Dr.Taufik was not around, it was Sunday so whaddya expect Lol. Afterwards, my wife called and told me what had happened. I could hardly remember the fear she caused me because of the shocking news. All I remember was I quickly stood, rushed out of the house, hopped on the saddle then dashed off quickly. God knows how fast I rode my bike, luckily, the road was not too crowded so it took me about 20 minutes to get home. By the way, no traffic lights were violated. I still obeyed the law Lol.

I stopped a cab nearby so we didn’t have to wait too long for one. As I got home, I hugged my wife and asked what happened while quickly changed my clothes, I was soaking wet because of the nervousness. Within ten minutes or so, we were at the hospital already. We were lucky since we could still inform Dr.Taufik by phone about the contraction so he informed the hospital and everything was ready at the Emergency Room. We were so afraid that the baby had to be delivered because of this contraction. If it happens, then Raka will be premature. Soon enough, Ratna was observed in the maternity wings. Based on the observation, the on duty gynecologist concluded that my wife was too tired so he told her to rest more and that would be quite difficult since she had to care for Ariq, being a child with a special need. He also said that luckily there was no opening so that the need to have the baby delivered was not necessary.

Anyway, the incident forced us to be more and more careful so that it won’t happen again. Alhamdulillah everything was okay, both Ratna and the baby were fine and healthy. Then, one day from the D-Day, we went to the hospital, as agreed during our last visit to Dr.Taufik, since the baby was due on the next day. That morning, the hospital was full, we couldn’t get a room. We tried to book 3 days before but it wasn’t allowed. The earliest book permitted was few hours from the delivery schedule. We decided to have her operated since there were no contractions or openings whatsoever after that incident. We didn’t want to wait any longer, fearing that the same mistake could happen to Raka.

During the operation, I was summoned inside, the nurse told me that Dr.Taufik wanted to see me. This nurse quickly wrapped Raka tightly in a blanket. I was so afraid, this was the exact moment I had felt long ago during Ariq’s delivery. I kept thinking something must have been wrong. That was when the Gynecologist told me that my wife had myoms/cysts. I cried upon hearing this and all I was thinking was why did Allah SWT seem to give us endless tests.I came to see my sister, she was outside. This also reminded me of what had happened to Ariq when I found out that his knee was dislocated during delivery process. She then informed our mom and aunties who also waited there. We were worrying about her condition, her blood loss and everything else. Would she endure more blood loss supposing the myoms were removed? My sister then called my uncle, a cosmetic surgeon in several major hospitals in Jakarta. He didn’t see any problem in the procedure and blood loss was something common. So we agreed and they asked me to sign some kind of contract that stated we would not sue supposing something bad happened during the operation. I had no choice but agreeing so I signed for approval.

The operation was actually a blessing in disguise, as I mentioned previously, the failure of having a normal delivery revealed that Ratna had 2 myoms on her womb’s wall, it was good that the cysts or wombs didn’t kill the baby because they tend to consume the nutritions in a mother’s foods. It made me dizzy despite the mask I wore. The gynecologist showed me the cysts, he told me that they might get bigger and endangered my wife. I asked him about the baby and he said he was fine and healthy. Meanwhile, in her state of hangover, she asked me what went wrong. So I told her about the myoms and there would be no problem and she would be fine. So it was done and as predicted, everything went fine.

Born at Prikasih hospital through Sectio ( there was no opening, just like the first one), weight 3,1 Kgs and length 50 Cms at exactly 23.35, Baraka grows into a marvelous and healthy baby. Fun-loving, friendly and awesomely active are only some of his best traits. Baraka is funny, a spoiled one, he can’t never wander further from my wife. He might enjoy playing any toys ranging from his brother’s toys, his own, our cell phones, my wristwatch, our newly-ironed clothes, messing up the socks, books, DVDs and many others, much too many to mention Lol. All of these activities will soon stop when he loses sight of his mom then he would cry, that’s why we call him “Cawit”, a coinage for “Cabe Rawit” or chilly. My wife came up with that idea since chilly tends to be small but hot and spicy.

In the previous post, I had mentioned that the birth of Baraka was like a long-awaited blessing, he was born fine-looking, healthy and active. It’s like fresh rain drops that wash away the dryness, it’s like a new hope being delivered to our lap after what happened to Ariq, alhamdulillah. Baraka loves his brother so much, he often sleeps clinging to his brother or simply putting his hands to Ariq. Whenever he wakes up every morning, the first thing he does is sitting and glancing at his brother, hugging him and sometimes he even kisses Ariq’s cheeks or forehead, a nine-month baby with such capabilities really amuses as well as amazes us. Baraka seems to catch up or avenges his brother’s shortcomings. His capabilities seem to be ahead those of his age. He begins climbing things now, crawling everywhere, tearing up magazines, books, papers, brochures and randomly pushing the DVD player buttons to obtain the disc. What’s funny is, Baraka just loves looking at himself in front of the mirror, smiling, showing his two upper front teeth; moreover, he often kisses his own reflection. What a kinky boy, Lol.

The operation schedule

The nervousness before delivery

The newborn baby

The Cinere Grandma

The next day

The new mom, one more time

The sunbathers

The howling second son

The camera snatcher

The obsession

The self admiration

The first water encounter

The snack

The loving couple

The state of bliss

The deadly smile

The innocent stare

Baraka the desirable one

Baraka and the cousins

We surely hope that Baraka will be the best companion for Ariq, we know that these two little boys love one another. No more jealousy and beating, the only thing remains will be the endless competition between the two. Each one of them competing one another for ‘Mom’. We also pray that this little companion shall give him motivation and spirit to struggle against his limitation. Spread the love boys…….

  1. Waktu lahir… putih manis kayak Ratna.. Kok transformed??? LOL… He is adorable Eky. You guys are one of the luckiest.

  2. Nggak juga sih, putih itu efek flash Lol

  3. Just make sure you tell them how much you love them every single day without fail. Great blog, Ky! CONGRATS on the healthy Raka…..:)

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