Motorcycle Madness

In Automotive, Photography on November 24, 2008 at 3:24 am

Motorcycle Madness:

I swear I was gonna photograph the house, using my bike as a foreground, but I ended up taking pictures of my bike with the house as the background. Here are the pictures, at least you can still see the house, it’s big, cozy and nice.

The following two snapshots were taken by my wife, great pics:

All the pictures above are simply an obsession towards my motorcycle. I love every detail of it and every penny I spent caring for it.

  1. cakep bro.. you are a great photographer.. sure πŸ™‚

  2. Rumahnya ya? hu hu hu hu…… *sobbing

  3. keren banget sob………. πŸ˜›

  4. keren tp ga pernah touring ahh…*siul2…hehehehehehhe

  5. Kok komentar lu gitu banget sih kor? Justru motor gw bersih, masih sempet difoto-foto dan dipoles ya karena nggak pernah turing wakakakakaka….

  6. ya udah klo gtu bsk mongtor gw di poles..ntar potooin yak om biar bs masuk gtuan juga…hahahahahahha

  7. Sekalian polesin speda BMX gw yah….. *penasaran sama lokasinya, mo moto disana juga*

  8. Cool pictures, somehow you paid attention to details. I love seeing every detail of your bike, magnificent..

  9. i love this bike….
    can you give it for me…??

  10. Akhirnya nemu, ini dia si Thundercat dgn tampilan paling update…, tinggal kapan turingnya nih..

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