Coolest Cars Ever Appeared In Movies

In Automotive, Movies, Trivias on December 18, 2008 at 9:29 am

Even though cars are often considered  small elements in most films, their appearance somehow boost the film in terms of memory recollection. We can’t argue that cars in movies have scientifically improve the quality or rating of the films where they appear. Often times the cars just appear as they are, without any major modifications although some of them are really built specially for the films.

It’s a scientific fact that even the worst films can be improved  if there is a cool car in it. We do remember some films, from time to time, because of their car-chase sequences as in most action films always feature. We also relate particular film heroes with their cars as simply identical.

Here are some cool cars ever appeared in some of my favorite movies:

17. 1973 Ford Falcon appeared in “Mad Max”

16. Shelby Mustang “Eleanor” appeared in “Gone In 60 Seconds”

15. 1977 Camaro “Bumblebee” appeared in “Transformers”

14. 1932 Ford Deuce Coupe appeared in “American Graffiti”

13. 1977 Lotus Esprit appeared in 007’s “The Spy Who Loves Me”

Bond’s Lotus Esprit that transformed into a submarine, a special car designed by Q.

12. 1977 Ford Gran Torino appeared in “Starsky and Hutch”

The simple bright red and white design has become a trend until present day.

11. 1967 Pontiac GTO appeared in “xXx”

Equipped with NOS injector

10. 1970 Dodge Challenger appeared in “Vanishing Point” and “Death Proof”

9. 1963 Ferrari 250GT California appeared in “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

8. 1969 Dodge Charger “General Lee” appeared in “Dukes of Hazzard”

7. 1963 Volkswagen Beetle appeared in Herbie “Lovebug” and “Reloaded”

6. The Mach 5 appeared in “Speedracer”

An actual race car that most closely resembles the Mach Five would be an early Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa , which has an eerily similar body, designed by Scaglietti around 1958 through 1961. Another possibility of inspiration could be the Ford GT40, which was a very popular and successful racecar, mainly in Le Mans and other Touring series, in the 1960s. Retrospectively, the Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray of the 70’s and the McLaren M1A also have a similar shape.

5. 1959 Cadillac “Ecto-1” appeared in Ghosbusters I and II

4. 1968 Ford Mustang appeared in “Bullit”

3. Aston Martin DB5 appeared in various Bond movies

2. 1975 Dodge Charger appeared in “The Fast and The Furious”

1. Batmobiles appeared in various Batman movies and tv series.

1966 Batman The Series

1989 Batman The Movie

1992 Batman Returns

1995 Batman Forever

1997 Batman & Robin

2005 Batman Begins

2008 The Dark Knight (The Tumbler and Break-away Batpod)

Images are courtesy of Flickr

  1. ..kenapa gw jd puyeng ya…?setelah liat semua koleksi mobilnya eky…kenapa ya..??
    ada yang bisa bantu…??kenapa saya puyeng…

  2. hey where is the delorean?!

  3. Hello! I like #15. 1977 Camaro “Bumblebee”. Very cool looking car.

  4. @ Stan,
    This is actually my version of the post you saw somewhere else. You may call it subjective but I do love Batman that’s why I put Batmobiles as number one.

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