The Day Ariq Resisting Daily Therapies

In Cerebral Palsy, Family, Health on December 18, 2008 at 2:57 pm

It’s been about a week that Ariq, our son refuses to walk outside. Usually, walking outside is something fun for him because it’s definitely a change of situation. He used to feel very anxious when it comes to his daily walk, he would walk around the block visiting his favorite spots, a lake and also one of the houses nearby with roosters caged around it. Whenever we walk past the house either by car or on a wheelchair, Ariq would always beg to come closer to the cages. This routine spectacle can be accessed here.

Approximately a week ago, our son refused to walk outside, out of the blue. He would cry whenever his nannies try to walk him outside as well as hold on tight to the nearest objects. Instead, he would pull his standing frame, leaning himself against it with all of his might to prevent them from taking him outside. Lately he would prefer spending hours tied to the standing frame while watching his favorite musical DVDs from 9 am to 11.30 sometimes even until 12 so that he has his lunch standing there.

I have consulted one of my aunties and she said that Ariq may be bored with his daily routine even though this will not happen during school time where Ariq would be happy to do all the drills given. The therapies are also harder at school but somehow he didn’t complain; therefore, we assume that in school, he is with his friends so he will not feel lonely. Honestly, this makes me so sad, his tears, his outbursts somehow moves me. When this happens, he always looks at me as if he were asking for help and support. This totally breaks our hearts.

This also happened this morning, he cried, he sobbed, he asked for help and he clearly showed us that he didn’t want to go outside.

The resistance

The helpless cry

The sobbing son

The amazed younger brother

The patient and wise mom wiping our son’s runny nose

The desire to go back inside

The more amazed younger brother looking at his older brother crying

The exactly the same look of amazement

The amazement that turned into sleepiness

The boredom of waiting for when it’s best to do the drill again

The cry for help for Dad

The struggle to go home

The ceasing resistance

The new strength to cry much louder

The hope for mom’s understanding

The calmer son, seeing a hope to go home again

Now the gate is opened, you won beloved son. Then standing frame was the drill for you

Be patient beloved son, I know the drills are hard but the successful programs will depend on these drills you undergo everyday. The more we give up, the longer it will take for you to walk. Allah SWT is with us to give guidance, wisdom, strength and also patience to face all of these.

  1. hi akmal,

    can you share about this therapy?
    My son, arik, has cerebral palsy too.


  2. Hi Imbuh, you can find his therapy methods in my blog, please check other posts in FAMILY category. I speak fluent Indonesia so don’t bother using English.



  3. […] our first son on the street after a week full of  skipping his daily walk therapy. As mentioned previously that he suddenly stopped walking outside without knowing what’s wrong. For about a week or […]

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