The Day Ariq Returned On The Road

In Cerebral Palsy, Family on December 29, 2008 at 4:57 pm

The first day of my annual New-Year-Day-Off has been meaningful for me since it marked the return of Ariq, our first son on the street after a week full of  skipping his daily walk therapy. As mentioned previously that he suddenly stopped walking outside without knowing what’s wrong. For about a week or so, the sight of his walking gear somehow irritated him and that had made us feel so sad. We couldn’t stop wondering what the cause was and when it would last. We assumed that he was just bored with his daily routine of never ending therapies and drills. We concluded that he was sick of them and that he was tired of all those stuff.

That day, Ariq just walked outside without any hesitation, he was eager to walk as usual, as if nothing had happened. Suddenly everything went back normal; my wife said that he must have been happy to have his dad around, to go with him along the way, accompanying him doing his daily drills. We were so glad since his having skipped therapies had made us worry.

That morning, Ariq started his walking therapy around 8.30 than we joined him at 9. He was around the block, near the park. He looked so happy and chattered endlessly along the way, singing various songs as well as reciting short surahs while doing the drills. The sight of his parents and brother approaching was somehow made him so excited. He kept on saying Alhamdulillah every time he looked at me. He looked as if he got the brand new spirit to carry on with the drills. He didn’t show any discomfort despite the blazing heat of the morning sun.

Ariq’s Back On Track

Fun walk with Mom, Raka and his two nannies

The return of the cheerful son

Look I can stand alone!

Resting for a while

The bright young son

“Shazaam, Open The Door!”

Ariq against the world

Standing alone at the park

The loving older brother pushes his brother’s stroller

The cheering Baraka

The marvelous smile for Dad the photographer

The second son on sale, who’s gonna bid higher???

Quality Time @ Fun World

The eager climber

Crawling out of the tunnel

The AFOs don’t seem to hamper his movements

The smiling first son, much too happy to be with his full family

Heading for the slider

Ariq, assisted to slide down

Baraka the cowboy

Crawling happily around the playground

The babbling second son

Fun @ The Pool Of Balls

Why do I feel that this orange is so hard to bite?

The bored second son

Baraka: Please get me out of here, brother…

This is not fun anymoooooooooooooooooooreee……..

Posing for the camera with mom

It was at first so fun but why did the balls drown me????

Finally dad reveals himself

The laughter of joy

That day has been the best day for us since we could spend a whole day together. I hope that I could spend more quality time with my beloved family, my precious jewels. Hopefully Ariq walks soon so that we can go further and act wilder…Lol. Insya Allah 2009 will be much better year in every aspect including Ariq’s health.

  1. Meminjam kalimat dari Asma Nadia,
    Bersamamu, nak,
    Kulayari waktu
    Dan beninglah segala jiwa
    Dan pelangilah setiap kehampaan

    Dan bintang yang luruh di matamu
    Adalah lenteraku juga menuju jalan-Nya…….

    For you and your wife, two of the amazing people, who got the blessing from Allah through you brave son….


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