Bizzare Foods From Various Parts of The World

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This Bizarre Foods phenomenon focuses on regional cuisine from around the world which is typically perceived by the American masses as being gross, unique, or, of course, bizarre even though in the related regions, such foods are considered common cuisines or local delicacies. Foods are so different among different cultures; therefore, this list shall cover some of the outrageous foods/cuisines that commonly served from different regions of the world. These foods are ranging from tonic made from Cow’s urine, tuna eyeballs, fresh goat blood and crocodile head.

So here are few samples of these outrageous dishes from all around the globe:

Revitalizing Tonic made of Cow’s Urine from Goa

Crocodile Head and Roasted Tokay Gecko from Laos

Goat’s Raw Blood from Uganda

Donkey Penis and skin soup from China

Codfish sperm eaten in various parts of Asia

Various insects dishes from Thailand and China

Actually these aren’t bad. Most bugs when fried are crunchy – hell even when they aren’t fried they are crunchy. In Eastern Asia, giant scorpions are carefully grilled and spiced up with their stings carefully trimmed off and offered very expensively in super markets.

Balut, duck embryos from Phillipines

Hakarl, fermented shark, from Iceland

To make hákarl the traditional way, the shark is sectioned in pieces and then the meat is buried in gravel for 6 to 12 weeks depending on the season, and then hung in a drying shack for 2 to 4 months. The modern method is just to press the shark’s meat in a large drained plastic container.

Maggot Cheese from Italy

Fresh whale meat from Japan

Raw Herring from Holland

Tuna eyeballs from Japan

Chittlins, hog inside, eaten in Southern America

Dried lizards, freshly roasted from Japan

White ants eggs, eaten in Bangkok and also Uganda

Giant Waterbugs from Taiwan

Raw octopus served in China

Snake wine from China

Rattlesnakes dishes from Congo and Bangkok

Salmon Roe from China

Some people consider Mangosteen and Durians as extreme foods. Durian is fruit like no other. It is hard to imagine that something that smells so terribly could possibly taste any good. But apparently it does and this most unlikely of fruits has been given the title “The King of All Fruits”. But the thing about durian is that it stinks. To some people, it reminds them of vomit, but others have described the smell to be that of rotting flesh, sewage or dirty socks. The smell is so bad that you have to pick your moment to try it. Many hotels in South-East Asia forbid it on the premises and it is illegal to carry them on the trains in Singapore because they were making fellow commuters throw up. Malaysian car rental firms have banned them and it is not uncommon to see special signs, kind of like no-smoking ones, of a durian with a line through it banning them from public places. Inside their flesh is like custard – yellow and creamy.


Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.) is known as the “Queen of Fruits”. Its origin is in Southeast Asia, probably the Malay Archipelago. It can now be found in Northern Australia, Brazil, Burma, Central America, Hawaii, Southern India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Siri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, and other tropical countries.


There are probably a lot more bizzare foods from other parts of the world but at least the above examples shall be sufficient enough.

Images are courtesy from flickr.

  1. halal gag yah..??

  2. Insya Allah halal, asal baca Bismillah

  3. Hello, looking on Google for Snake wine information I found your website, do you have anything more posted here related to Snake wine liquor ?
    Snake wine is shown there:

    Thanks a lot for your help.

  4. aku mau durennya aja.. sisanya ga mauuuuu.. takuuutt.. sereeemm..

  5. Sorry Kay, I am afraid there is no more of this snake-stuff in this blog, I just found out that such things fascinate people so that is why I posted the above article. More food-related stuff can be accessed in TRIVIA category. Thanks for dropping by

  6. @ Sintya, boleh aja, tapi kan duren itu dessert dari semua makanan di atas, makan dulu yang lain, baru minta durennya.

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