Beer versus sobriety

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I came across a picture this morning from the web and somehow this tickled me to write a post about it. To be honest, I never drink but then again, I just thought that this post might be interesting enough to explore. Afterwards, I was drowning in my cramped, smokey but definitely-cool-for-me cubicle in search for statistics or data to support this writing. This article may also trigger controversy just like the previous one.

As I was browsing Google, entering such keywords as “Effects of beer”, I stumbled upon a page with the subject of “Effects of drinking beer” and on top of the page, there’s question that read “Does drinking make you stupid?”. I read on, and here’s the adapted excerpt from the web page:

Does Drinking Beer Make You Stupid?

The short answer is “yes”.  Beer and other alcohol have negative long-term effects which include killing brain cells, causing memory deficits, and impairing verbal and motor skills.  One relevant section of this page is titled “Do you know how BEER affects your body?”  The section includes the following text:   “And, in the brain, beer causes the destruction of brain cells which are unable to be regenerated or regrown. In fact, medical professors and medical students know that a drinker’s brain is almost worthless I teaching anatomy. Such a brain is usually saturated with watery fluid, and the nervous system has wasted away.”   So, beer is definitely harmful to your mental abilities in the long run.  You probably already know about the short-term effects of beer, which include impaired judgment, motor skills, and verbal abilities.  These short term effects could probably be described as making you stupid too.

Talking about impaired judgment, I believe the picture below, though in a comical manner, shall explain why.

An example of impaired judgment and this is hilarious….

Here’s another article from titled “Drink Much?” that discusses the effects of alcohol:

A Risk For The Unborn Child

During pregnancy alcohol has the same effect on health as with non-pregnant women, but for the unborn child alcohol is indeed a risk. For these reasons it is best to avoid alcoholic drinks as much as possible during pregnancy.

When an expectant mother drinks alcohol, it is absorbed in the blood and goes straight to the unborn child via the placenta. When a pregnant woman is under the influence, so is her child. With pregnant women who drink regularly, the baby is often smaller at birth. Whether this effect can be fully attributed to alcohol consumption is not clear, because women who drink alcohol regularly often smoke too. Smoking during pregnancy in itself leads to a lower birth weight.

Older pregnant women and pregnant women with a higher level of education seem to regularly drink alcohol during pregnancy. Smoking, on the other hand, occurs more often in younger pregnant women and women with a lower education level. Research shows that for women who smoke a lot during pregnancy and who drink more than 12 glasses of alcohol per week, the birth weight of the child is 7% less on average than with women who smoke a lot but do not drink (1).

A clear relationship was also found between high alcohol consumption during pregnancy and the behaviour of the child at 5-6 years of age. Children whose mothers had drunk more than one glass a day were 12 times more likely to exhibit hyperactive behaviour than children whose mothers had not drunk during pregnancy. By the age of 15, this link between alcohol consumption during pregnancy and behaviour could no longer be demonstrated, however.

I realize that there are hundreds of other sites that also state the benefit of drinking beer, I guess you just have to search about them and find them all easily. I just believe that you should not endanger yourself by drinking recklessly since alcohol consumption, no matter what kind, should be done with care. The end result would be in your hand, I don’t mean to interfere with your personal life. It’s a free world after all.

  1. I am not sure that all of the negative effects of long term alcohol consumption are psychological.

    I have observed some alcoholics in my life that their drinking allows them to think in whatever patterns they wish, whether healthy or not. The alcohol then medicates the pain as a result of these unhealthy thinking patterns and unhealthy choices.

    The continual practice and rehearsal of these thinking pattern with alcohol-softened consequences only reinforce the unhealthy thinking and behavior so they continue to become more and more permanent. These unhealthy thinking pattern, in my experience any way, once practiced to an extreme, often leads to insanity.

    My father is a glowing example. Practicing alcoholic for over 60 years. Is now paranoid, dellusional, and completely antisocial. He thinks how he wants when he wants. Never challenged because he just isolates and drinks.

    It is sad really. He is a brilliant man (was).

    Ciao. Chaz

    BTW… love the pic of the impaired judgment.

  2. Thank you for your input, Chaz. I do agree that careless consumption of alcohol will give a long term effect that shall result in brain malfunction. Yea, it’s the picture that speaks for itself…

  3. I do believe that drinking moderate beer or wine will have some little benefit for your body. Well, it’s the anti oxidant and whatever other complex components inside the beverage. The proof are all over the web and scientific journals.

    But 1400 years ago, when there’s no experiment about this yet, it was clearly stated: “In them (alcoholic drink & gambling) is a great sin, and (some) benefit for men, but the sin of them is greater than their benefit.” (2:219).

    Oh by the way, my colleague was pregnant, she is highly educated, almost a doctor herself, yet, she was smoking and moderately drinking during her pregnancy. Even tried to give me some reasons to back her choice. I didn’t even ask her. Well it’s a free world indeed. Yet it is sad.

  4. Koncomu canggih, rek…wong hamil kok ya ngerokok dan minum….*istighfar

  5. All you said is true but dear friend isn’t it true that there is no fun in being intelligent. Stupidity is the basis of fun that is why people love to consume alcohol. Just joking. have fun

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