Damn……..Why In The Heck….*Passes Out

In Bric-a-brac on February 9, 2009 at 9:31 am

Today is my first day at the office after a three-day bedrest at home due to the motorcycle accident happened last Thursday. I was appointed by my superior to supervise the renovation of some rooms at the office. We planned to divide an existing room into 2 different rooms, one for my producer and the other will still be used for casting room. To be honest, I kept thinking about this renovation during my resting period at home. Several bad thoughts came into mind; however, I kept telling myself that everything will be okay. The manager in charged has always informed me about every little detail they are doing and even every single idea they have related to the project. I was glad because of that.

This afternoon, as I returned from a chiropractor (a stylish way of saying “Tukang Urut”) to recheck my dislocated right knee, I was shocked to notice the differences in several items inside my producer’s work room. I was furious, I tried hard to be wise though, the results are much different than what we have agreed upon previously. Damn, I should’ve checked and check again, double-check, triple check and so on. I shouldn’t have assumed that things would be okay. I was amazed myself, I have always agreed upon the statement that “Assumption is the mother of all Fuck-Ups” then why did I just believe everything they told me?

Some of the disappointing items are as follow:

  1. The wooden floor or floor tiles or which other way you may call it are so much different in color than we have agreed upon. We have chosen the color to be dark brown, instead, they gave us mahogany or maroon.
  2. The main entrance doors are also different in type, away different from the one we have chosen. We showed them a smooth-textured, great hand-made wooden door and they gave us cheap-look ones. The material as well as the finishing look cheap and not stylish at all.
  3. Since there is an electrical panel box in the room, we agreed to camouflage it by hanging a wall rack to cover it. You wouldn’t believe the poor quality of the installed rack. With such quality, I could assign my son to do it. He can even build a much better one. I remember telling them to be precise, stylish and accurate in everything that they create or build. I also told them not to be too cranky over price since this could be the beginning of a long-term cooperation. Now, I don’t even want to think about giving them another chance. They have always assured us that things will be exactly the way we wanted them to be. I bought these craps.
  4. We have asked them to paint the room light gray and they gave us light blue instead.
  5. They have agreed to build a sliding door but failed in creating one. The door frame was even too rough, a bit asymmetric in short, how could they say that nobody would notice it’s a sliding door? Even a blind man can see that there’s a secret room behind the gipsum wall. Gapless wall, my arse…
  6. Even thinking about more work failures is making me even more furious.

Previously, I have also corrected the ‘creative art’ they made since we made it clear that we don’t want too much ornaments in the ceiling, of which they did. We really made it simple that we want to have it as simple as possible. When we say ‘simple’ we don’t expect to see ‘gothic’ or ‘Victorian’ style inside the room. What is wrong with you, guys??

I guess, I’ll be the one to blame for all these restoration stuff, since I hold full responsibility for everything that happen during this project. I just don’t want to blame anybody else. Go on, put your wrath upon myself but remember, don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry……Lol

Thank you for your time in listening myself whine…..


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