Have A Safe Journey, Brother Julian

In Obituary on February 24, 2009 at 10:13 am

Julian Nasrul: In Memoriam (July 18th 1965 – February 22nd 2009)

Julian, the CEO, a brother, great friend and mentor


Sunday, February 22nd 2009 had been quite tough for me, my best friend, mentor as well as direct superior, a CEO at the office passed away after struggling with his leukemia disease he suffered since December 2007. This obituary is merely a glimpse of Julian from my point of view as one of his subordinates.

Julian Nasrul had been appointed CEO by the four owners of 25 Frames Production and Services back in November 2007, the position which he began to  fill in January 2008. Reza, one of the owners as well as producer in this company, had been one of Julian best friends, they befriended in Harley Davidson community  back in 2005, that’s how he got involved in this industry. Julian previously worked in many different companies dealing with various lines of business from managing a cafe, working as a government employee, foreign bank until managing a factory that produces charcoal, an essential ingredient exported for Norit, Japan. Having such a broad knowledge and various experience, his leadership skills were really excellent, no doubt about it. This production house industry had been his first and eventually his last line of business he ever involved in.

In my humble opinion, Julian was a good leader, he was capable of reaching out the entire levels of the office staffs, introducing new changes and rules once thought disastrous for some people but eventually got them accepted. As a new guy in the industry, he was very eager to learn the ropes of commercial-making. He always asked me various things he didn’t know about the production while in turn, he told me every single information about management, all the How-Tos, little bit of this and that he felt necessary for me to know. It had become a mutual co-partnership. I spent my time knocking on his door to consult, ask, discuss things in related with the office management. I found all the discussion sessions amusing, he could always provide explanations for all things, way out to all occurring problems as well as strategies to approach people.

As a leader he had always considered his employees equally, he never took sides (when he did, he would stood by his people). Some of his best qualities as a superior were he always showed compassion for others, he guided his employees wisely in such a friendly way. He always considered his employees as friends. Whenever we did wrong, he corrected us without giving any feeling of being inferior or that we are his subordinates, he had always advised us to learn and excel fast and told us that everyday is a competition so that if we are not good enough then we’ll be left behind.

Even though his health had been up and down, to be honest I never felt worry until the last time when his health really deteriorated. This made me worry since the interval between his bedrest were much closer from one another. I remember him told me one day that I should learn fast and that I should make use of his being there efficiently, waste no single time. Ask him everything I need to know or even things I may not know well so that whenever he’s off, I wouldn’t be too lost. I still remember his exact sentence “Makanya lu belajar cepet, bro..jadi kalo gue nggak ada lu udah ngerti”. I suddenly remembered this dialog last night and shuddered realizing that he somehow had predicted he wouldn’t stay with us longer as planned.

I found myself regretting every single moment lost without consulting him frequent enough about many things. I got so many questions to ask, so many things to share and so many stuffs I needed explanations. It was agonizing, having no one to talk to about so many things. That was the exact period in which I felt lost in directions. He had always drilled me to do many things, to be creative, well-organized and diplomatic. I was told to solve any occurring problems as good as possible, in any which way I could and then return to him if the problem persisted (sounds like a medicine warning box, lol).

According to Willy, Julian is considered phenomenal by most of his best friends for his being genius and smart without any feeling of being more superior than others. He told me that he loved collecting books about various subjects, even those he didn’t know about. He put some of his book collections in a cabinet inside his work room. He said that books are the windows of the world. Everything that he knew he got from the various books he read. He was always willing to share his knowledge without ‘lecturing’, he was  polite in everything he did, to everybody in all walks of life, he held high the spirit of ‘brotherhood’ in the context that he considered all his friends as brothers. He tried to dig deep in his friends’ problems, trying to be helpful for all, giving solutions or advise to those in need. He was generous, much too generous in everything, not only financially but also morally. He was always ready with his helping hands for those who need help, he was objective and fair in treating everybody he knew. He could act as smooth as feathers and on the contrary he could be as hard as a rock when it came to things when it came to principles.

Julian was a very active person, when he saw something he felt worth-doing, he did it instantly. He was always felt challenged by the limitation of a certain thing, the limited capability of one gadget or instrument. He would then ‘disassemble’ everything just to see how certain stuff worked then he always tried to maximize the use of this stuff by breaking out the ‘relativity’ or whatever term it was he used in order to enhance its capability. He never rested, when all of us were enjoying the free time at home during company holiday, he would stay at the office from early in the morning until very late at night for the sake of science and curiosity. I remember making fun of his complete mechanical tools by saying that I would hang all his working instruments on his wall to make it look like a workshop garage. He had shown me things I never seen before. He taught me that if our brain was actually capable to gain more knowledge then why not try maximizing it?

Julian Nasrul in pictures:

Bali Touring May 2006

Julian at the prime of his life

With his fellow Harley Davidson bikers aboard the ferry on a touring trip to Bali.

Willy Irmansyah, Julian’s best buddy, a local example of White Lion’s “Til Death Do Us Part”

Reza, Julian’s best Buddy. A guy who ‘poisoned’ him with America’s Iron Horse

Willy and Reza, Julian’s two best buddies who kept him company until his last dying breath

25 Frames Company Outing:

The professional and the rookie

“The Rookie” a snapshot by Julian

Posed somewhere in Bali


My first Harley Davidson experience with Julian and Eja, roaming through Bali roads

On February 12th, I went to MMC with Willy and Eja to see Julian who had been hospitalized for about three weeks. There he told me that he just found out about suffering from leukemia late 2007. Leukemia is a cancer of the blood or bone marrow, a disease that is characterized by the abnormal multiplication of  blood cells, usually white blood cells (leukocytes). He performed regular check up every year since he also suffered from liver resulted from his past activities. He also told us that his leukemia had worsened to the next stadium, from Chronic Leukemia into Acute Leukemia. He was waiting for the test result on whether or not he could have a new medicine that is meant to ‘paralyze’ the white blood cells so that the red blood cells could last longer. He also informed us that he’d be put in an isolated room during the treatment since by then, his immunity would be very fragile.

There we were, all four of us, laughing with one another, exchanging stories and experience. He told us how much he missed the rumbling sound of his black Harley Davidson Roadking’s engine, the wind that used to blast his face along the way, the ride, the touring, the buddies he used to spend time with and so on. He also told us that the last time he went on a touring trip, his spleen was swollen and that he tried hard not to fall off from the bike since such incident may rip his spleen open and that everybody would be busy taking care of his dead body. As we cheered throughout the hours, suddenly he stood up and asked us out, he said that he had an important appointment with the coffee vendor downstairs. He opened the bedside drawer and took out a pack of Lucky Strike Lights and Dji Sam Soe. He assured all of us that those habits would not worsen his condition, he told us that his lung was perfect. We could do nothing else but agreeing to join him downstairs. When he said “Tenang jek, ngerokok dan ngopi kagak ada hubungannya sama penyakit gw, paru-paru gw bagus kok” Another logical explanation that amuses me. Julian had always seen things in a logical way, every single thing in the universe has its own formula and calculation. He was an exact practitioner, he did things methodologically.

Last candid snapshots during my first and last visit to MMC hospital:

A fully-uniformed patient smoking Dji Sam Soe


Sharing stories and laughter with Willy, Eja and me


The very amusing way of telling stories about life as well as religious experience during his stay at MMC.

Smoking and drinking coffee, a funny rebellious way of opposing the Doctor’s order (logically)

On February 19th 2009, I sent him an sms to wish him a quick recovery so that he could be with us again at the office. I also told him that I was sad since I couldn’t consult him again the way I used to and that I had difficulties in sharing the progress I made. He answered my sms in the evening. He thanked me for the wish and also told me that he had always tried his best to struggle for quick recovery. The answer really soothed my mind so I stopped worrying about things. I felt like he’s coming back soon. Unfortunately, Allah SWT had different plan for him, his condition worsened around  4 pm, February 21st. Willy had been staying at the hospital since 10 pm, monitoring his worsening health. Julian went on an eternal journey at 4 am, February 22nd 2009. He passed away in a very calm state of mind.  However, during his stay at the hospital, Julian said that he had undergone a religious journey in life. I remember that he planned to go on an Umroh journey when he recovered from his condition.

According to Ipang Wahid, one of the film directors at the office as well as his friend, Julian had undergone a near-death experience, the most valuable experience that finally made him realize the existence of Allah SWT. Ipang said that one day, having had enough of the pain from his disease, Julian ‘challenged’ that if God really exists, he wanted to have all the pain taken away, subhanallah, in less than minutes, suddenly all the pain was gone. It was also said that in a comatose-like state, Julian had been given a vision, a flashback of all his activities in the past. This vision was presented before him, so it was like watching a flashback photography with him as a 3rd person who was able to see his past. Upon gaining consciousness, Julian said that he really believed in God, he saw this as a sign that Allah still cares for him so that he’s given a chance to live a better life religiously. He filled the last two weeks of his life praying day and night, asking for His forgiveness. He fought his last battle courageously, now in the right track.

In my memory, Julian had always been a great friend, tutor as well as a wise superior. Knowing Julian in person for about as short as one year had been a great experience for me, I really learned a lot from him. So long brother Julian, I would never forget you and all the kindness that you showed and gave us. You really are a greatest friend of mine. Thank you for all the guidance, all the compassion and every single knowledge you gave me. Thank you for believing in me, thank you for opening my eyes that everyday is a great battle that we should win gracefully with flying colors. My wife said that Julian was very lucky to have been able to purify the last minutes of his life in a way he never experienced before.

His ultimate ride to Eternity, so long brother, ride safely!

(The author is currently working as Office Manager, previously under Julian’s leadership)

  1. اللّهم اغفر له وارحمه وعافه واعف عنه…‏

  2. Amin Ya Rabbal alamin….

  3. Kayaknya baru kemarin gua kenal Julian dan kayaknya cepet banget gua bisa akrab dan berteman dengan dia, walaupun hanya pada saat ketemu di kantor aja. Benar2 teman, dia tidak menjadikan dirinya seperti Bos2 pada umumnya yg gila hormat, he’s a buddy. Sayang, gua gak sempet nengok, sedih banget, walupun dia menjawab SMS gua 2 hari sebelum meninggal. Selamat jalan Pak, apa yg telah kau alami, benar2 membuka mata saya, Insya Allah akan menjadi hikmah yg besar bagi kita semua. Selamat jalan pak, kami semua merasa sangat kehilangan.

  4. Just passing by. Btw, your website has great content!

  5. Thanks for made such a wonderful story, and I’m agree, he’s the best man ever. I love you, dad :’)

  6. Thanks for made a wonderful story about my dad.i think he really proud to all of us.

  7. I never forgot for every single moment with him. too many great moment that we past together.special thanks to brother ekky for made this (not only) story.

  8. Thank you Brother Willy, I’m sure we all still feel the loss

  9. Almarhum adalah sosok adik yang sangat2 aktif di keluarga. Dengan kata2 lembut dan memakai perumpamaan yang pas, membuat anak2 sy yg merupakan keponakan almarhum sangat kehilangan. Bahkan anak perempuan saya pernah bolos dr sekolah, pergi ke makam… hanya karena “sangat kangen” dengan oom nya. Untuk menutupi penyakitnya, almarhum tidak pernah membicarakan penyakit apapun terutama di depan mama (almarhum-2011), agar almarhum mama tidak cemas dgn kondisi almarhum Julian… “Pergilah dengan tenang Iyan, semua pembicaraan kita sehari sebelum Iyan pergi meninggalkan kita semua, menjadikan nini sosok yg Insyaallah lebih ikhlas menjalani kehidupan ini…” in peace my great little brother…we always loved you…

  10. Alhamdulillah, mbak. Salam kenal. Pak Julian memang baik, dan jujur dikangenin sama teman-teman di kantor walau masa tugasnya hanya sebentar sampai akhirnya beliau banyak istirahat karena sakitnya dan akhirnya dipanggil Sang Kuasa. Semoga mbak dan keluarga besar senantiasa dilindungi Allah SWT. Aamiin

  11. Tks mas, sdh menulis sosok almarhum, yang Insyaallah bisa sangat membanggakan orang tua kami….

  12. Too many memories flashed in my head as I was reading this story, the part where you said that he likes to disassembled things gave me a chuckle, as I know exactly what you meant and so many times it ended funny.

    So sad that we lost our uncle Julian way too soon, that he didn’t get that one in a million miracle where cancer healed. I guess he is the miracle that happened to us and he found his own miracles when God enlighten his believe. I believe pure souls are taken away sooner so they are safe, that’s why he passed too soon.

    I didn’t know about this blog until a few hours ago and it really moved me that so many people outside of the family member would ever missed him that much, didn’t surprise me though as he did have that quality. Thank you for the beautiful story and for bringing back some beautiful memories of our uncle ❤

  13. Hi Grace, to be honest, I have abandoned this blog for much too long but guess what, Bro Iyan brought me back. We all have fond and fun memories of him and about his hobby of dismantling or building stuff, I often watched him working on something with Willy and I kept asking, “Lu bikin apa sih jek?” and all he did was laughing. That laughter and smile I miss. You’re very much welcome, Grace. Thanks for reading and appreciating.

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