Another Fun Day With Therapy

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Ariq, our first son, as we all know, suffers from cerebral palsy due to the lack of oxygen during the delivery process. This hampers his movements, coordination, balance and motoric skills. Since he enrolled in Kitty Center, a school for special needs, back in 2005, Ariq has purchased several therapeutic instruments that support his daily therapies such as AFO shoes, splints, bandages and peto chairs. The result has been quite good, alhamdulillah for he is able to follow all the drills without any major difficulties. Although he experienced some hard time but eventually he managed to conquer his obstacles. We are grateful that he does his therapies happily now, no more weeping nor complaining whatsoever. He does all the drills whole-heartedly.

Ariq with Dad

Since last year, Ariq goes to school twice a week; however, he also does various kinds of drills at home from standing on a standing frame, shoulders, hips, backbone to knee fixation. To be honest, sometimes I cannot bear seeing him doing all the drills but I keep telling myself that all those drills are for his own good. Since his legs, especially by the knees and ankles are not strong enough, he cannot walk without his shoes and splints. These specially-designed shoes and splints help him walk safely without worrying about his knee caps or hips. When he is not in therapies, his daily transportation would be a wheelchair.

Ariq with mom after swimming

Last Saturday, April  3rd 2009, we went to his school to consult the Doctor, an orthopedist, during the observation, the team advised us to add more sessions at school in order to keep up with his growth and progress. He told us that we had better keep up with his progress before he reaches 8 years old because by then, his muscles flexibility wil stop and it would be impossible for him to excell for a better state. The team also advised us to purchase another instrument that is meant to stretch his hips and legs so that this will help fixing his hips and leg joints as well as all the muscles around the legs and hips.

We thank Allah SWT that so many people help him achieving this goal financially, so many relatives who have helped him from the day he was born up to now. They have helped us, gave us strength and spirit as well as financial help, God knows how much we appreciate all of these. I pray that Allah SWT will repay all the good deeds that we have gained until today. Here are some pictures of the newly-purchased instrument in details.

Ariq’s newest therapeutic aid:

The hip and joints stretchers

Assembling the splints, AFO shoes and legs-stretchers

Ariq, ready with his hands and legs splints plus the stretchers

Mounted on a skateboard strengthening drills for stomach, shoulders, motoric fine muscles and backbone

A sensory therapy for the palms, refining the motoric muscles

Top view of the new aid, his hip is securely-fastened with a belt

Close up view of the stretched legs

This kind of therapy is ideally done at school due to the limited space at home

Other forms of therapies essential for children with special needs would be swimming and animal-assisted therapies like swimming with dolphins or horseback riding. Swimming has been his favorite hobby, it can be done inside the garage or at the swimming pool, any which way would be fine for him.

The Garage Swimmer

The Pool Swimmer

Swimming with Dad and Baraka

Just give me a swimming vest then I’ll be okay…

However, swimming with dolphins is out of the question, we don’t have it here but horseback riding? not really on a horseback although it gives the same bumpy/bouncing effect for the brain and muscles, it’s a horse-carriage or delman.

A Delman Ride On A Fine Sunday

The loyal delman picks up the boys at home.

Poses with Baraka and Mom.

Ready for a ride around the block.

Joyful smile before departing.

Baraka’s newest experience on a delman.

Waiting for his brother and mom, little bit bored.

Ready, Get Set, Go!

The eager younger brother on a brand new experience.

Hopefully, Ariq can keep up with his age and make rapid progress at school so that he grows healthy and is able to walk real soon. Once again, thank you for all the help and supports for our son after all this time.

  1. Salut banget … kita semuapun ikut berterima kasih untuk orang tua yang semangatnya tidak pernah luntur dalam membimbing ariq dengan segenap kasih … kasih yang tidak akan pernah luntur sebagaimana kasih Allah kepada kita semua …

  2. Alhamdulillah, terima kasih atas perhatiannya. Kami sekeluarga juga bersyukur karena walau bagaimanapun kami selalu berusaha menerima segala cobaan dengan hati yang ikhlas serta yakin bahwa Allah SWT pasti mempunyai maksud tersendiri dengan memberi ujian seperti ini. Semoga kita semua selalu dapat mengambil hikmah positif atas segala cobaan yang Dia berikan, amien.

  3. two thumbs up buat ariq!!!
    alhamdulillah… seneng banget liat progressnya sampai sekarang…
    salut buat mas eki dan mbak ratna yang dengan penuh kesabaran bisa membimbing ariq sampai bisa seperti sekarang. hanya Allah yang Maha Tahu rencana apa dibalik semua ini… yang jelas, apapun yang Allah berikan adalah anugerah terindah yang harus kita syukuri…. mudah2an hari2 kedepan akan lebih banyak lagi kemajuannya….

  4. Ky,
    You’ve come a long way and I guess this is one of the reasons why you sounded so ‘mature’ in your FB comments. Not the same Eky that I knew (although I admit that I didn’t know you that much either back then), but a much better and tougher person. My warm regards for your wife and two wonderful sons.

  5. Thank you Irma, we all learnt our lessons well. I guess time has really given us some experience, courage and wisdom to accept this wholeheartedly.

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