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Redoable Lite by Dean Robinson

Once again, having been inspired by a friend who introduced me to blogging, I found myself browsing through other themes in WordPress. The previous theme, Redoable Lite by Dean Robinson, had been marvelous but I kinda need some sort of refreshments on the look. Last night when I was browsing through Hongkiat, I found a post about WordPress newest themes created by Smashing Magazines. They are all great in terms of layout, widgets and colors so I downloaded one of them in RAR files.

After being extracted, I browsed through the extracted files to find a way on how to apply the newest theme to my blog but did not find any. Being curious, I returned to Hongkiat as well as Smashing Magazine blogs but still useless. Next thing I know, I clicked a link to WordPress and ended up in WordPress Support section. There, I found out that WordPress doesn’t support external ‘help’. It’s said that we could only used the available 70 themes inside. Being determined to look for a new theme, I browsed the site thoroughly and found this one I’m using right now.

Actually, WordPress offers a wide range of selection to choose from but most of them did not suit my previous redoable lite’s 640 x 480 pixels pictures lay out resulting in cropped images. The new theme, DePo Masthead by Derek Powazek and Noel Jackson, supports my previous pictures layout although all of the pictures appear smaller now. So here are some WordPress themes I found last night.

Suggested themes for Photo Freaks:

Vintage Theme, pretty well-laid out, the one I was going to use.

iphone creative magazine.


Snapshot, ideal for those who have lots of pictures to display.

Malawak, a cool dark theme without any formal look.

Remedy, for those who wish to display quite a lot on a front page.

Small Magazine.

Aliva Press, a comic-like theme.

Androida, suggested for those who have personal business or simply  gadget freaks.

Blues, cool and simple.

Suggested themes for Journalist-like bloggers:




WP NewsMag.




Versatillity, simple yet cool.

The three-column Agregado.

I sure wish that WordPress Support team is willing to create more and more fascinating themes for its users. Keep up the good work, I’m glad to be one of the WP bloggers.

Images are courtesy of  Smashing Magazine

  1. jadi loe pilih yg mana?
    tuh yg diatas gratisan?

  2. Iya gratisan, tapi hanya bisa diaplikasikan kalo lu megang account premium WordPress.Ini link yang menjelaskan hal tsb:

  3. Just started this up within the last 2 weeks
    for users to register and post there

    WordPress / Joomla / Drupal / Blogger / HTML

    web designs / themes / templates

    right now its free to register
    and you may only post free themes / templtes
    or you can pay a 1 time fee to be able to post
    themes your selling…

    please read the posting rules at..

    /adding-a-theme/ page

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