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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Gets Going

In Cerebral Palsy, Education, Family on May 6, 2009 at 6:43 pm

A Day In Ariq’s School:


I went to my son’s school, Kitty Center, this morning just to see how he endures one therapeutic drill after another. Honestly, I’m glad that his condition is not as bad as we have always thought. I saw his other friends whose conditions are far more heartbreaking than him. Alhamdulillah, his progress is good and quite promising. So far all the officials and therapists at school have been cooperative as well as informative. They keep us informed whenever the school requires us to participate more in his therapies. They keep emphasizing that the best therapies would be the combination of those at home and school. They also tell us how to be a bit persuasive, in the sense of not being too pushy, whenever our son is bored and tired with all of his drills.

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Another Fun Day With Therapy

In Cerebral Palsy, Family, Health, Medical on April 10, 2009 at 3:39 pm

Ariq, our first son, as we all know, suffers from cerebral palsy due to the lack of oxygen during the delivery process. This hampers his movements, coordination, balance and motoric skills. Since he enrolled in Kitty Center, a school for special needs, back in 2005, Ariq has purchased several therapeutic instruments that support his daily therapies such as AFO shoes, splints, bandages and peto chairs. The result has been quite good, alhamdulillah for he is able to follow all the drills without any major difficulties. Although he experienced some hard time but eventually he managed to conquer his obstacles. We are grateful that he does his therapies happily now, no more weeping nor complaining whatsoever. He does all the drills whole-heartedly.

Ariq with Dad

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Ariq and Baraka: Our Dynamic Duo

In Cerebral Palsy, Family, Health on December 5, 2008 at 9:03 pm

Ariq and Baraka

Nothing in this world, in our opinion, is more blissful than watching our two sons growing up loving one another. Ariq, our first son was born on October 8th 2002 while his brother was born on February 9th, 2008. Why took us that long for a second son? We felt that we hadn’t done enough for Ariq. There was still a glimpse of feeling that we were to blame for what happened to him. Much too many “Ifs” to mention: If only we had asked for second opinion, if only we had been curious, if only we had enriched ourselves with lots of information, if only we hadn’t just swallowed everything. Various kinds of thoughts and regrets have been haunting us. In short, we hadn’t done enough for him as a child with special needs.

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Animal-Assisted Therapies

In Cerebral Palsy, Medical on November 25, 2008 at 10:24 am

Animal-Assisted Therapies For Children With Special Needs:

Dolphins, the friendly mammals

According to wikipedia, animal-assisted therapy is a kind of therapy that involves an animal with special characteristics and it serves as a fundamental part of a person’s treatment. Animal-assisted therapies are designed to improve the physical, emotion, social and/or cognitive functioning of the patient. These therapies also provide educational and motivational effectiveness for the participants.

Many kinds of animals are used in therapies including dogs, cats, elephants, horses and dolphins as well as other small animals. Among them, the most popular methods are those assisted by Dolphins and horses. These forms of therapies, in the context of children with special needs, offer improvements in such areas as physical (Fine motor skills and balance) and also mental (improving self-confidence, verbal skills and attention skills); nevertheless, both may present some physical threats to both people and animals, which may be difficult to overcome. This post; however, will only concentrate on the dolphin therapy.

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“One World, One Dream”: 2008 Summer Paralympics

In Amazing, Photography, Sports on November 3, 2008 at 6:10 am

2008 Summer Paralympic Games:

The 2008 Summer Paralympic Games, the thirteenth Paralympics, took place in China from September 6th to September 17th, Beijing is once again hosting athletes from around the world. Over 4,200 athletes – from six different disability groups – from 148 countries are taking part in the 2008 Summer Paralympic Games. Not only are the sports divided into events, but the events are divided into different disability categories, to even out the playing field as much as possible. The slogan for this year’s Paralympic Games is the same as the one for the Olympics held just last month: “One World, One Dream”

This 2008 Summer Paralympic Games, according to Phillip Craven, The President of International Paralympic Committee, is quoted as “The Greatest Paralympic Games Ever”.

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