Dear buddies,

Thank you for spending sometime at my humble blog, this is certainly away from sufficient but I keep making revisions here and there, trying to make a decent blog that contains some overviews about my life and the people I share my love with. Hopefully, your feedbacks and criticisms will in the end help me creating a decent one. Most of the pictures posted here are captured with an old W800i Sony Ericsson built in 2MP camera. Expecting Hi-Res pictures would be stupid thing to do.

Please also accept my apologies should one or more of the images posted are copyrighted, didn’t mean to violate your rights it just that sometimes the desired images could only be obtained by browsing all through the web. This blog is not for commercial purpose, it’s purely hobby so don’t be alarmed when one of the posts in this blog can be found in other websites. I never have any intention to claim it as mine, this blog also features things I found fascinating.

Best regards,

  1. Welcome Bro..
    Good stuff!!!

  2. Thanks a lot bro, still waiting for feedbacks and criticisms from the expert like you..:)

  3. I applaude you for the courage you have. Thanks for having inspired me!

  4. Thank you lass, your comment is noted as an inspiring one, you know you have always been a great writer yourself

  5. Very very fast! Well done bro.
    You have many articles in short time.
    Keep posting!
    I made a link about your blog in my sidebar.

  6. Thank you bro, kind of being a bit productive during holiday ha ha ha

  7. Hi Akmal
    Can you contact me? I represent the International Marketing Council IMC of SA, and if you live in Cape Town or Johannesburg we would like to invite you to come and meet visiting bloggers from the US. Let me have your email as well. Visit for background. This is urgent.
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    For: The International Marketing Council of South Africa (IMC)
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    Vaal Cybercentre, PO Box 289 PARYS 9585

  8. Hi there Akmal 🙂

    I just started blogging myself 🙂 I am from the Vancouver Downtown Eastside, B.C., CANADA where my city will be host to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

    Thanks for writing your recent post on 10 Fascinating Food Facts 🙂 I enjoyed reading it 🙂

    I am just learning about WordPress… I am wondering how I can link to your blog?

    Thanks very much 🙂

    April Smith

  9. Welcome aboard April, to add or edit links in your blogroll, just click this link :



  10. waaah, ternyata bang Eky blognya baaguuusss… selamat bro, keep blogging! 😀

  11. Wow, just find out this exiting blog, full of info and love (off course). Izin baca ya gaan,,

  12. Lanjut gaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, terima kasih udah mampir

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