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Have A Safe Journey, Brother Julian

In Obituary on February 24, 2009 at 10:13 am

Julian Nasrul: In Memoriam (July 18th 1965 – February 22nd 2009)

Julian, the CEO, a brother, great friend and mentor


Sunday, February 22nd 2009 had been quite tough for me, my best friend, mentor as well as direct superior, a CEO at the office passed away after struggling with his leukemia disease he suffered since December 2007. This obituary is merely a glimpse of Julian from my point of view as one of his subordinates.

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American Top 10: Most Misinterpreted Songs

In Music, Pop, Trivias, Unique on February 16, 2009 at 2:05 pm

I believe all of you would absolutely agree if I say that music plays an important role in our life. As for myself who was born in early 70, I found out that the music from the era of 70s until the 90s were great ones. I like music and always listen to it in every aspect of my life. I can say that my life has been quite musical in the sense that it’s an inseparable part of my life, I sing (in the bathroom), I hum, whistle my favorite bands’ songs and even pretending to be one of the band members performing live, lol. This post will bring you back to early 70s, 80s and also modern era where, in my opinion, lots of great bands and or music were formed. Sadly, some of us or even most of us often misinterpret the real meaning of these songs. As described in, misinterpretation is misunderstanding, mistaking, giving wrong interpretation on something. We often miss the intended context of the related songs. Here are the famous songs, in misinterpretation..

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The Men Behind Famous Liquor Brands

In Products History, Trivias on February 10, 2009 at 9:12 am

Ever wondered how certain men were closely associated with these following famous liquor brands? Check out their origins below:


Campari was invented by Gaspare Campari between 1862 and 1867. Today the product is still composed of the same original ingredients, thanks to a formula which has remained a secret for almost 150 years. Campari is obtained from the infusion of bitter and aromatic herbs, plants and fruit in alcohol and water.

The history of Campari began in Novara, Italy, in 1860, with the invention by Gaspare Campari of the recipe that is still in use today. The recipe is kept confidential; according to Gruppo Campari, the Chairman, Luca Garavoglia, with the help of the technical director and eight employees, produces the base concentrate. Garavoglia is the only person in the world who knows the entire formula for the original family recipe. However, among the ingredients are quinine and other bitter herbs, rhubarb, spices, ginseng, bergamot oil, and orange peel. It is known that the colour came from natural Carmine Cochineal E20, but the Gruppo Campari in many countries has shifted to an artificial colorant. One of the main ingredients is bark from Cascarilla trees that grow in the Bahamas.

In 1904, Campari’s first production plant was opened in Sesto San Giovanni. The company required bars that bought Campari to display the Campari Bitters sign; under the direction of Davide Campari the company began to export the brand, first to Nice, the heart of the French Riviera, then overseas. The Campari brand is now distributed in over 190 countries.

In the Italian market, Campari mixed with carbonated water is sold in individual bottles as Campari Soda (10% alcohol by volume). Campari Soda is packaged in a distinctive bottle that was designed by Fortunato Depero; it was first created in 1932. Campari is said to have been one of the inspirations behind another bitter sweet drink called Kinnie produced in Malta since 1952.

Campari is an essential ingredient in the classic Negroni cocktail, and, wittily, in the Americano, named at a time when few Americans were aware of Campari. Campari can be used to make a sorbet.

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Damn……..Why In The Heck….*Passes Out

In Bric-a-brac on February 9, 2009 at 9:31 am

Today is my first day at the office after a three-day bedrest at home due to the motorcycle accident happened last Thursday. I was appointed by my superior to supervise the renovation of some rooms at the office. We planned to divide an existing room into 2 different rooms, one for my producer and the other will still be used for casting room. To be honest, I kept thinking about this renovation during my resting period at home. Several bad thoughts came into mind; however, I kept telling myself that everything will be okay. The manager in charged has always informed me about every little detail they are doing and even every single idea they have related to the project. I was glad because of that.

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The Day A Coward Ripped Off My Peaceful Morning

In Automotive on February 5, 2009 at 8:49 pm

This morning, when I was on my way to the office, just when I was about to make a final turn to the office’s premises, my bike was hit from the back. One thing that I hated most about the incident was, it was hit and run. I have always been more than just being cautious before making any turns anywhere since I’m fully aware that a bike is much more destructive than a car does. When you’re on a bike, one simple hit can throw you few meters away. Higher speed will surely throw you even farther with even more serious damages. I remember my dad used to say that even when a person is highly-alarmed or cautious about his or her safety, danger may occur, ironically, from the outside. This means that even when you are careful, accidents may still happen because often times other people are not careful enough.

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