Thanks For Visiting

Dear friends,

Thank you for spending some time in my blog, every comment and criticism you give will be most valuable input for me. I started blogging in September 2008 and up to now, the statistic has reached more than 1000 hits even though it’s not what I’m after. This blog will be about my family as well as all things I find fascinating like history, languages, advertisements and many more. Once again, I thank you, I keep on wishing to post more great posts.

I have always envied my friends who still have some free time blogging, in my opinion, blogging is another way of letting go your emotion, spilling out your deepest thoughts you think best to be written other than said. The reason I started blogging simply because I love writing and also it’s a way to let go all the grudges, disappointments and anger towards what had happen to Ariq, my first son.

Alhamdulillah the post itself, that you can find here, happens to be one of the top posts among others. It describes the chronology of what happened to him ever since he was still in my wife’s womb, his early days, as well as the descriptions, symptoms as well as the cause that lead to his sickness. Moreover, it also explains the therapy methods he endures everyday. If you ask me whether or not we feel sad because of it, we do but one thing for sure, we never regret having a son with cerebral palsy. We have always tried to do our best in caring for him.

Once again, I can’t seem to thank you enough for all the sympathies, any pieces of advice and also empathies that you express through your comments and thoughts. I welcome you to my blog with my hands open and I expect all of you to leave a trace by leaving comments, advice or suggestions.

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