Somebody had better teach this young girl manner

In Amazing, Education on September 27, 2008 at 3:27 pm

Today’s lesson is about manner

I was browsing the web when I stumbled upon this picture, it’s agonizing, sad, embarrassing and upsetting me. I wonder if her parents teaches her to distinguish right from wrong. Does she know the meaning of this impolite gesture? Does she realize how other people would react to this? I’m sad and embarrassed for having to see this. How could a girl, so little may show such a bad attitude towards an old woman? Will somebody please explain this?

I wonder what’s wrong with my beloved country?

Who is to blame? who has to take responsibility for such an evil public moral? A school girl at her age should have shown endless compassion for the old, especially those who are not fortunate enough to live in welfare. How would the girl feel when she were in the old lady’s shoes?

Hopefully, this is not a proof that our moral is degrading.

  1. I’m Speechless bro Eky.. kesel, marah campur sedih…

  2. Iya, sebel bangeeeeeeeet, seperti disamber gledek di tengah hari bolong…hiks, I hate profanity

  3. I agree with you. I find it hard to teach my kids about manner and moral. We can’t deny that western exposures have changed values in our country, especially now we are in hi-tech era where internet and cable tv can easily be accessed. As parents, our role is to filter and monitor. And influence from our kinds’ friends is more inevitable.

  4. Thank you Rini, couldn’t agree more. Being in this westernized and hi-tech society, it’s us, parents, who should monitor and filter any influence that may infiltrate our children’s minds. We should be able to teach them well so that they can clearly distinguish right from wrong. Manners and morals are indeed the home-made protective wall that shall surround our children from bad influence. Let’s just hope that the above incident doesn’t happen to our children.

  5. Wah SD aja gitu ya mas, main sama siapa seh tuh anak cek cek cek

  6. 😦

  7. tenang bro, ini cuma oknum saja yang ada disekian juta anak indonesia (mudah2an). akhirnya gw nemuin juga anak komplek yang ngeblog πŸ˜€ selain di tunas, gw ngeblog juga tuh bro di (bagian fotonya doang sih)

  8. Shame on her, her parents should’ve felt much more embarassed. I condemn such act!

  9. Prihatin… Semoga tuh nenek tidak paham arti simbol tangan anak itu.. jadi nggak sakit hati…

  10. Iya, semoga saja. Kalo ngeliat dari tatapan mata si nenek sih rasanya beliau nggak mudeng πŸ™‚

  11. hhhmmmm….

    salah siapa…???kata-kata yg langsung bisa loncat dari kepala kita masing-masing….
    kenapa kita ga coba tuk benamkan ke dalam kepala kita masing-masing…pertanyaan tersebut..

    ingin perubahan untuk bangsa ini…??tidak mau generasi penerus asal-asalan…degredasi moral…dan lain2 yg bersifat negatif…?????

    yukk..sama2 mulai dari diri kita sendiri,mulai dari hal yang terkecil……


    (nyambung ga seh..??*lirak lirik*)

  12. Mmmm… saya pikir, tuh anak ga ngerti arti simbol tangannya sendiri…. wanna bet..?? coba aja tanya si anak itu… Kayaknya sih dia cuma ikut2an aja… sama spt anakku, wkt aku tanya arti simbol tangan spt itu… jawabnya “ga tau…” Temen2 cowo di kelasnya byk pake simbol spt itu… ktnya artinya “f**k”… eh anakku malah tanya, artinya “f**K” apa sih ma?? Trus aku bilang aja, sama artinya dgn “brengsek”… atau kata2 hinaan yg jelek lainnya… Oya, anakku Perempuan kls 5 SD (SD percontohan, dan sudah SSN = Sekolah Berstandar Nasional)

    So… lingkungan anak2 kita skrg emang begini, dgn berbagai info yg masuk dr luar tanpa sensor… tugas sbg ortu emang lebih berat lagi…. πŸ™‚

  13. Bro Gori/Mamafarra,

    Mungkin yang bisa disalahkan adalah lingkungannya. Mungkin si anak ini hanya meniru tanpa menyaring apa makna di balik gestur tangannya tersebut. Memang idealnya segala pencegahan dimulai dari lingkungan yang paling kecil, yaitu keluarga. Memang tugas orangtua akhirnya kerasa berat, tapi disitulah pentingnya peranan orangtua. Tidak terlalu mengekang atau terlalu membebaskan si anak untuk berbuat semaunya.Menjaga anak itu seperti memegang sabun basah, terlalu keras atau lembut akibatnya di luar kendali.


  14. can i say something?
    well am egyptian
    and let me tell u
    it’s not only in ur country .. seriously it’s a global thing :)i mean the fact that kids are stranger than how we used to be.. how they think,act,talk..even dont worry πŸ™‚

    it’s really a heart breaking picture considering the fact that this gesture is to an older human being..

    am sorry u had to see it.. but let me assure’s a global thing

  15. please stop blaming “western society” for all our social ills. people have to take responsibility for their own actions and stop blaming the endless list that leaves out no one except the guilty party.

    how many of us haven’t done something lame like this when we were kids? it’s just that this time, someone happened to capture it on film.

    there are far more important things to focus our time and energy on…

  16. Dear some guy,

    I apologize if such comment hurts your feeling. I didn’t mean to take side and absolutely agree that we have to take responsibility for our own action. This was also not a generalization, it was purely my instant opinion for seeing such a little girl with such a nasty gesture addressed to someone much older than she is. Once again sorry.


  17. The western influence has only just started to rear it’s ugly head on our Island of ‘Eua and I’m trying my hardest to stop it but fear it is a losing battle. We have now three Chinese shops on the Island I have nothing against the Chinese as a race but the goods they are bring over to the island are, well best give an example. 6 months ago they stared to bring in toy guns, replicas of machine guns pistols etc that fire little plastic bullets.The kids in our village were running around shooting each other and stuff for days. I sat with the chief and the other elders of the village and discussed what I thought with them. We are a simple people, by that the elders had already thought it maybe a problem that the little plastic bullets may get stuck in a kids eye. Now don’t get me wrong I’m simple too but I have had the unfortunate luck to have been overseas and seen how it is over there so I explained to them that I was more worried about the effects on the kids mind. Once they understood that they collected up all the guns from the village and burned them. With in a month the guns were gone from the whole island .One battle won but the war is not over now they are importing pocket video games of fighting and plastic swords tee shirt with barbie is a slut etc so I fear the war is lost. I fear that before long it will be our kids pulling the finger to our elders before long we will loss or ways to the west. If anyone has any Ideas, please let me know.

  18. Manners- they are taught. I have noticed that manners and kind human regard are taught in the home, and are modeled by parents and those in their environment. I think the big picture starts with love for oneself and others. If ones parents and environment shows no kindness and regard, why would the child show this?

  19. Welcome back Shannon, I agree with you, as quoted previously that “Manners and morals are indeed the home-made protective wall that shall surround our children from bad influence” Parents are indeed the role model for their children. These teachings and love will filter the negative exposure.

  20. He he he….oke bro Stephen, gw udah baca semalam di gmail. Tengkyu

  21. omg. is it really my beloved country?

  22. Betul Pak mantan Kyai…mesakno yo?

  23. *speechless* I hope the one taking this pic got a chance to teach that girl a lesson one or two even though i’m sure she’d flip a finger at him/her as well.. oh boy… turut prihatin

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